Blayon Kit [Athlete Edition]

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Product description

The World’s First Premium Gym Kit

.Step Up Your Game At The Gym, While Standing Out With Our Premium Kit.

Our kit has all the essential gym accessories in premium quality. They are professionally stitched with high-end fabric and are all tested by top industry athletes. Everything you need for a proper fitness journey is inside our kit and is twice as cheaper than if you were to buy them individually, so it’s a No Brainier!

A Premium Quality Lifting Gloves

A New Water Bottle Concept 

A water bottle equipped with a refresher spray button for post workout refreshment.   


A Trimmer Belt that Opens Your Sweat Glands 

Sweat promotes healthy circulation, removes toxins, burn calories, and is vital for our body’s functioning

A Large Capacity Duffle Bag 

A Protein Shaker For Athlete

And Many More In our Blayon Kit...

🌟Used by Top Industry Fitness Figures, Body Builders, and Fitness Events 

Our Kits are highly recommended and widely used as they are the only kits in the industry to offer a complete premium gym set. 


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